Welcome to the World, Morgan Halley Ichneumon

At 3:10AM on April 1st, our baby girl made her way into the world. Everything with the birth went really well. We arrived at the Birth Center of Boulder at 9PM, had a luxurious soak in a bathtub, some quality time lounging on the bed, and Morgan appeared victorious early in the morning. I may be leaving out some details. Hard to tell, I was pretty exhausted.

Overall though the experience was pretty magical. Everyone is doing great, and we all got home about 7 hours after Morgan was born.

Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite.

There are lots more photos in the full gallery. If you want to know supplemental information like height and weight then you’ll need to go on a treasure hunt through the pictures.

Miscellaneous Info:

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  • “Ichneumon”
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  1. Mekayla, How Awesome! We wish you and your family the best! My quick view of your sites has me envious of your endeavors. All is well here and when you get settled in with the babe, we would love to cacth up with you. Donn, UM Rehab Engineering

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