Wedding Gifts

First off: in case you aren’t aware from our recent two backpack lifestyle, we’re not big into material items. Your friendship and time with you is much more important to us. We’re hoping that people can give the gift of their time during the weekend to help make this a fun event.

  • Volunteer for a weekend role. Please take a look at our “How can you help?” page.
  • Create something: Write a song, limerick, toast, or create a dance to share.
  • Create a piece of art for us.
  • Celebrate later: If you can’t make it, how about getting together for dinner at some time to celebrate.
  • Give us stuff: If you want to give us a more traditional gift, we have a select number of things that we covet: Our Registry (search for “Brown” or “Beaver” to get to our registry page).

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