Wedding Announcement

So we’ve gone around the world together, exchanged pendants, and camped out under the stars more nights than we can count, and now we’ve decided it’s time to get married.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our partnership together with family and friends. This may not be the most traditional of wedding weekends, so we’ve tried to fill this website with information to help you get as excited as we are. If there is anything you still have questions about please ask away.

The Basics

Dinner, Ceremony, and Dancing will take place Saturday April 25th starting at 5PM. But there will be activities all weekend long, so please come for as much of the weekend as you can.

Our Intention

We are looking to celebrate our partnership with friends and family in a place and way that reflects our values and passions: the outdoors, sustainability, and community.

We chose the Appalacian Mountain Club because of our love of the outdoors and because we like supporting a place that helps people to enjoy the outdoors. Mekayla especially has a great love of the mountains (with which she has infected Greg) and the White Mountains of New Hampshire will hopefully still be topped with snow when we are there. We also wanted to recreate a bit of our New Zealand hut experience (without requiring you to backpack in).

We’re also trying to incorporate more sustainable principles into our life, and our wedding is no exception. The Highland Center was built with sustainability in mind, and we encourage you to check out some of the features of the building while you are there. One of the downsides is that there’s no public transportation, so we want to help facilitate ride shares between everyone.

By bringing all of our friends and family together and sharing the same space for the entire weekend we hope that people from the different parts of our lives will be able to meet and share the time together, as well as with us. We think that helping to create the event together is part of the fun.


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