Chiang Mai FC Football Game

In our quest to go to find local things to do in Thailand we ended up at a football (soccer) game. We bought mystery food outside of the stadium, bought two tickets for $1.75 each, and wandered in.


We really had no idea where to go or where to sit so we followed the two guys ahead of us until we found someplace to sit. That seemed to work. No one kicked us out.

I don’t know if you can see it on those tickets, but the Chiang Mai Tigers were playing what appears to be the White Squirrels. I never thought a squirrel would be a good team mascot. Turns out squirrels are more exciting here than back home. An Aussie we were having lunch with the other day shouted “squirrel” and pointed one out. Seemed pretty odd. Maybe it was just an odd Aussie. Anyway, that’s my squirrel story. I didn’t expect to have a Thailand squirrel story.

The game was fun. We finally figured out how to get back home to and were serenaded on the way by a drunk German and (another) Aussie who were rapping about Chiang Mai’s team playing poorly.


I leave you with the way I finished my evening: with a pineapple and mystery fruit shake. It was amazing.


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  1. Hello Mekayla and Greg,
    Thanks for sending us your travel journal. Your adventures seem to be exciting.
    Lots of love,

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