Baby Gift Request – Share your Colorado Knowledge

We want your ideas! What are places in and around Boulder / Denver (or farther afield) that you find cool, interesting, curious, strange, etc?


  1. Go to the fullscreen view of the map
  2. Add your suggestion (Click the pin button add a placemarker then click anywhere on the map, OR Search for the place, click the green pin on the map, then click Add to map)
  3. Add text explaining your suggestions (Click on the new pin you added, then click on the pencil – edit button – in the lower right hand corner, add text, click SAVE!)

[OR, just email your suggestion to Greg and he’ll add it for you 😉 ]

So, we know that having a baby will bring a lot of unknowns, but we’re pretty sure that no matter what, it will give us the time / excuse to get out and see where we live in a new way.

We love exploring and are hoping that one of the ways to keep ourselves stimulated and having fun in the midst of the new chaos is to have excuses to just get out and take in a familiar place with fresh eyes.

We’re not necessarily looking for places that are ‘good for kids’ at this point… just places that stimulate you. Places you like to go and wander, hang out, people watch, or soak in another culture. Cool coffee house? Interesting mural? Good street music scene? Yes yes yes. Surprise us. Or remind us of the obvious. We want this map chock full of ideas for us, and for you…




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